A Nutshell Life of John Siebelink

Hey! This is John Siebelink here. This is officially my first blog post on here so I thought I’d just take time and introduce myself and let all my (hopefully) future readers know a little bit about who’s going to be writing the boring and random posts everyday. Unlike some better known bloggers I do not have a Wikipedia page (not yet anyway) so everything below is probably the only source of information about me available on the web.

*Born January 31, 1990 in Greenville, KY. Moved to Fort Huachuca, AZ wehen I was around four and to Michigan when I was five. Still in MI today for some reason…

*Graduated from Godwin Heights High School May 2008.

*Enlisted in the Marine Corps my junior year of high school and went to boot camp in San Diego, CA right after graduating from high school. Training is usually 3 months, I stayed 4 due to medical reasons. (How somebody can catch pneumonia in the middle of July in San Diego is still beyond me…)

*Became a Marine on October 2, 2008 following the Eagle, Globe and Anchor ceremony. I would only be on active duty for another five months before being medically discharged, so I don’t call myself a military veteran. There are better people who deserve that title, such as my parents. Go Mom and Dad!

*Began the first of two and a half years at Grand Rapids Community College in August 2009. Left without taking a degree.

*Currently involved in the Disney College Program in Orlando, FL until August. So far I hate it, maybe once I’m done with Disney I’ll write a post explaining how and why this program sucks. Until then just assume I’m a really lucky person to be working at Disney.

*Also currently writing several short stories at the same time. All of them science fiction. The whole point of this blog is to force myself to keep up writing and to improve and help develop my style. I have many goals in my life, the first one is to publish one of my upcoming stories. I’ll keep you updated as to how that comes along!