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The Vampire Roommates from Oregon

I mentioned a couple of days ago that I’m doing the Disney College Program at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL. Despite the fact that I’m not loving it like I thought I was going to (like I said I’ll write a post in August explaining where the Disney Magic┬áreally comes from) it has also been an amazing opportunity and is the very first time I can seriously say that I’m out of my parents house and on my own. Not only does Disney assign you to one of three fairly nice apartment complexes, they also assign you a certain number of roommates depending on how many bedrooms your place has. I had to be stubborn and pay an extra ten dollars to get a two-bedroom place, so that landed me three roomies. One of them has become my best friend, Ryan David, who was in part the one who pushed me to start up this blog. The other two are The Twins. I’m sure as time goes on you’ll be hearing alot more about their antics and activities, but to be fair to them in case they ever do become readers of mine I’ll keep their names anonymous (for now).

The Twins aren’t bad guys at all. They took me to Planet Hollywood on our second night at Disney to celebrate my 22nd birthday, and really made my night. I’m glad that I get along with all three of them, because when I was in the Marine Corps I had a roommate who got drunk nightly and melted a lightswitch because it wouldn’t turn on by itself when he told it to. People wonder why I refuse to get drunk…

The Twins are mysterious creatures. You never know when they’re home or not because they shelter themselves up in their room with the door locked at all hours of the day. Except for the few minutes they (sometimes) come out to make food they never leave bedroom number two. I suppose with a big stash of candy, a bathroom and wireless internet you’d probably never have to leave the room, but still. Our apartment came with a nice couch and a big sofa chair but I am 159% sure that they have never sat on any of it. Their room is so deathly quiet most of the time I am sometimes convinced that they are both vampires and sleep all day and come out at night. Ironically the only time I ever see them anymore is at night…

Ryan always laughs about The Twins’ choice of food. They buy all the normal college student groceries, but always the Great Value brand. Ryan has an obsession with this peculiarity. He’s always making weird comments about Great Value, so whenever I bring up our two mysterious friends in the other room he always comes back with a Great Value remark. I seriously regret buying a box of Great Value trash bags the other night, because Ryan has not ceased picking on my about going into business with The Twins and taking over Wal-Mart

I think that’s enough about those two for now. They’re not really crazy vampires they just have a lot of school work and are usually exhausted. Its very hard not to be in this program. I’m sure once the semster is done we’ll see a lot more of them, and maybe Ryan and I can curb their addiction to Great Value…

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